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The official website of the University of Tokyo. Features a general introduction to the University, its research and international activities, admissions and other information.

Can't wait for the new monogatari season :D 終物語2期楽しみ~♪I released a new mini album at the Spring M3 on April 29th in Japan! Check out the album crossfade in t...

The easy, fast & fun way to learn how to sing: 30DaySinger.com "Alright guys, *cough* I'm doing 'Take On Me' now, alright. I, I really, I really like this song, it sounds good." Minin' away I don't know what to mine for I'll mine this anyway In this Minecraft day So beautiful, mine further down What's that I found? Mine diamonds (Take on me) Mine diamonds (Take on me) I'll mine them So far I ...

Indian Ocean Adventure (1961年) 『未来のプロフィル』 Profiles of the Future (1962年) ISBN 4150500452 ハヤカワノンフィクション(のち、ハヤカワ文庫) Glide Path (1963年) 『人間と宇宙の話』 『宇宙への挑戦』 Man And Space (1964年) タイムライフ

"Colorful - Falling in Love" (カラフルフォーリンラブ, Karafuru Fōrin Rabu?) is a song from Final Fantasy Type-0. It is an anime-style J-Pop love song composed by Takeharu Ishimoto, lyrics written by SAWA, and sung by SAWA, ChriS Ito, Reina Tokura, and Yumi Yoshitaka. An English version of the song was recorded and used in the oversea release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. 1 Lyrics 1.1 ...

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To think too long about doing something often becomes its undoing.

We never miss the music till the sweet-voiced bird has flown.

If you really want the world to beat a path to your door, try taking a nap.